TC electronics Level Pilot

TC electronics has introduced a new toy: the Level Pilot. Look here: link

looks pretty neat,  reminds me a bit of the Griffin thing  (iMate or sth.), but i guess it sounds way better due to the fact that it´s completely analog… WANT2HAVE1 🙂

Soulindustries Show / Agent Schwiech

With some technical problems in the beginning, the show yesterday started a little late at 21:30 on ramp FM, and  turned out quite deep and groovy, not that much disco but nice rolling beats… Dennis was all alone this time, playing a really good set; if you missed it check out soulindustries… i´m shure they put it on for DL soon;

So much gear, so little time

well, since 3 days I have a whole bunch of new gear at home, but because I am workin all day in the office I did not have one minute to check it out… so my brand new Doepfer MAQ 16/3, my beloved SH-101 and some really interesting other stuff (the Midi-Board for my Polysix from CHD Elektroservis) arrived, and now my studio looks like a mess, all not put together yet… but from wednesday on I will hopefully have the time to get things going, and maybe post my first tracks here soon…

Another new toy I bought some days ago is the Yamaha Pocketrak 2G, a field recording buddy with 2 GB and an incredibly good stereo mic is always with me since this week, so be prepared for some nice recordings around munich train station and airport… 😉

look here for more info