Find of the week

I found this yesterday at a friends house, and he gave it to me, cause he had no need for it; Looks like a 40 year old DIY-Synth, he described it as a “Moog-clone”, but with only some basic features to tweek the sound; It still works ok, some keys don´t but the circuits seem to be fine; The sound is similar to an Electric Organ with some optional Delay/Chorus, I think I have heard some similar sounds from a Minimoog as well; But this one is very limited…

There are some nice ITT-ICs inside, and it seems to be built quite ok; So if someone knows more about this guy, drop me a line; I am also willing to give this away if anybody is interested in this Oldschool-DIY-Buddy, so get back to me if you want this one!

DIY LoFi-Synth with 8-Step Sequencer

Finally I have made some fotos and also a short video demonstration of the LoFi-synth I recently built with a group of very cool people, initiated by the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society, and hosted by the Basel based group iPlugin

Basically the course was divided into three nights, the first in which we built the synthesizer, based on the IC CD40106, the second we extended this one with an amplifier based on the LM386, and the third part covered the assembly and modding of the 8-step-sequencer based on the ICs 4066 and 4022… I later extended these circuits a little bit, designed some filter and waveshaping mods, and packed it all together in two little breadboxes, soldered and hot-glued all together and voila: the DIY-Breadbox-Synth was born!

Big thanks especially to Marc Dusseiler and Markus Hasselbach from SGMK and Raphael Döring from iPlugin, you opened up a whole new dimension for me of making music, electronic and art match together… heavily inspired by the DIY-spirit I started on building the MB-808, which is the next big project I will be posting a lot around here;

check out the video here – some more, with a more musical focus will follow (at 1:10 its getting interesting):


WOW, what a NAMM – Native Instruments and Ableton, Akai and MOTU, all brought out revolutionary stuff at the Winter NAMM 2009 in Anaheim, California.

Ableton announced Live 8; well, we all awaited this, but the features are better than I ever dreamed of:

– New groove engine plus cool templates for instant mapping
– New warping engine with enhanced features
– Looper for instant audio loop recording and overdubbing
– New effects: check out vocoder, multiband dynamics, frequency shifter and more…
– Share projects with others dirctly from Live

plus the optional Max MSP integration, coming at th end of 2009… WOW WOW WOW! I can´t wait to oder my copy…check out all new features and upgrade possibilities here

NI introduced Audio4,  a 4×4 Traktor Scratch Pro interface, plus a really cool goovebox named Maschine check it out here: Audio4, Maschine plus some more stuff…

Akai, the inventors of the revolutionary MPC back in the days (I still love my MPC 2k XL) came out with a completely new, unexpected and great idea: the APC (Ableton Production Center), that is a MPC style, fully digital USB-connected Ableton-Operated Groovebox/Midiinterface, THE APC40 that has some veeeery cool specials to offer:  check out the presentation here

And still not enough: this must be the fare of the grooveboxes,  and so said MOTU, makers of the great audio interfaces and the powerful DAW Digital Performer, we need to come up with a software groovebox that really hunts down the MPC/Electribe/MC-909 markets, and it not only looks quite interesting, it also sounds great! I must commit I am not the biggest fan of all these groovebox concepts, but this software really bites me to try it out soon, and compare it to my good old MPC 2k XL that still woks here besides me every day!

See the video MOTU BPM video

check out the details here