Send Control Voltage with Ableton Live

WOW, just found this. seems like a pretty decent solution, at least if you have a MOTU interface (I do have one 🙂 thanks dan for this one!!!! using ableton live to send CV signals. from dan kirkhus on Vimeo.

DIY-Project: The G-SSL Stereo Mix Compressor, part 1

Hi Folks, I just finished this great Compressor the other night, and as I am quite happy with the result (there are still some tweaks to do, and the Turbo-Board is still missing) here are some pictures of the new born star! And as requested I will give some instructions on the DIY-stuff I am […]

funky Blog (II): electronic task force

check this: just found it, it´s good, it´s electronic, it´s a blog! cheers!

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