DIY-Project: The G-SSL Stereo Mix Compressor, part 1

Hi Folks,

I just finished this great Compressor the other night, and as I am quite happy with the result (there are still some tweaks to do, and the Turbo-Board is still missing) here are some pictures of the new born star!

And as requested I will give some instructions on the DIY-stuff I am posting here, here are the basic links to the inventors, the suppliers, the built instructions, helpers et al… thanks to this great DIY-community here, without the help of many people this wouldn´t have been possible for me to do – I learn so much stuff from you guys every day! 

Well, so this is the basic howto, part 1:
– Read all relevant info over here, mainly the Gyraf-page and the SSL Help thread
– Order the PCBs from gustav at the Black Market in the DIY-Forum here. get 1 x SSL and 2 x Super-Sidechain-Board
– Order the Turbo-Board from expat audio here
– The complete BOM you can find on the forum – If you are in germany, order the parts at Reichelt, and some stuff like the knobs, at
– Order the THAT2180 VCAs from Cedos
– Order the 19″ rack case from purusha at the black market in the forum

… stay tuned for some more info, the “how-to-put-things-together”, or mail me for some individual questions on this project… maybe I can help you;

And now some first impressions of the almost finished comp; I will post some sound examples soon!

Author: Mark

Hell Yeah!

4 thoughts on “DIY-Project: The G-SSL Stereo Mix Compressor, part 1”

  1. Hey,
    I would like to upgrade an old GSSL I made a few years ago, I would like to add a the sidechain (Gustav Version) but I am not sure where I can find the bom list for the Gustav version and the pcb, could you help me find it please?



  2. Guten Tag,

    ich komme aus Deutschland und finde Dein Projekt richtig gut. Mich würde interessieren, ob der SSL Comp auch für’s Mastering geeignet ist und wiviel Euro Du in dieses Projekt investieren musstest.

    Freue mich auf Deine Antwort!

    Beste Grüße

  3. Hi Moshtaba,

    danke für dein feedback. der SSL ist fürs mastering zwar okay, aber nciht meine erste wahl, da er schon recht schnell auch “färbt” und “zerrt”… ich mag ihn auf der summe, aber für neutrales mastering würde ich was anderes nehmen… zb den pico II compressor, der ist nur leider nicht mehr open source. der SSL ist nicht teuer, wenn man man vom gehäuse und den möglichkeiten absieht.
    hoffe dir geholfen zu haben – freu mich auf feedback wenn du einen gebaut hast!
    gruss mark

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