R.I.P. Michael. We will always rock with you!

Michael, sad you passed away yesterday. I saw you live one time, I love your records, I grew up with your music and style – I will always remember you. And we will always rock with you. R.I.P.

Looking for an Ableton Live user group in Zurich, Switzerland

Well, the topic headline says it all… I would like to cooperate with others who produce (mainly but not only electronic) music with Ableton Live. Mainly about arrangement procedures, composing tips and tricks and so on… maybe we could do some kind of monthly get together somewhere, share Live packs & ideas, and so on… […]

My newest toy: the Fender Squier vintage modified Jazz Bass

Got this one since one week now, and so far all I can say: this thing is a blast! I simply love the sound, so warm and funky, and even though I am a bloody beginner this one really rocks me day by day! As soon as I am back from holidays I will check […]

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