New Gear: Native Instruments Maschine


Yeah, thats right. Being a real Akai MPC 2000 XL lover I found it REALLY hard to believe that there is a new concept of Software/Hardware-Total Integration-Style Groovebox on the way…
but after having it tested twice at the local music store (btw, I can definitely recommend Promusig in Zurich, they rock!) I decided to give it a try – and what should I say: it´s a blast! never had this kind of tight, immediate and seamless integrated feeling with a controller before, never had a sampler that sounds and interacts that sweet from the first moment… not only that its concept works just fine, it also looks really great! I will check out this baby the next days, and post some more in-depth information and some statements on the sampling/arranging/pattern-workflow this weekend… so stay tuned!

Author: Mark

Hell Yeah!

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