NI Maschine still buggy, major issues with Snow Leopard

I am really sorry to say this, as I really like Maschine as a new innovative concept, but this piece of software still seems completely unfinished to me and not usable as promoted by NI at the moment.

Not only the fact that key features are still missing in the software, and a big commmunity is sadly waiting for the elementary update, the compatibility with OS X 10.6 aka Snow Leopard which NI announced some days ago in their forum simply isn´t given at all. The installer crashes, the software itself  when copied back to harddisk from a backup  behaves strange and odd, the library tags dissapeared several times after rescanning all the files, and so on… I can live with a “not perfect” product with minor bugs as it´s still quite new on the market, I accept some core features missing for some months, but now, after almost half a year market time, this product should be useable but it is simply not at the moment. So please NI bring out the long-awaited update 1.1 and fix all these countless issues so that Maschine is again worth buying it!!! I would really appreciate this as I love this concept! Thanks!

EDIT: Now that the Maschine 1.1 Beta Update is out, I found already most of the annoying bugs fixed. It still isn´t that stable, I get weired crashes when loading samples from my custom library, and awfull delays when loading longer samples while playing, but these are minor issues that hopefully will be fixed soon. I still don´t like the editor that much, it IS very basic compared to the possibilities of any other pianoroll-editor I know and use (Ableton, Logic…), but it´s getting better… I am really missing a single “select and nudge by small increments” option, all I found out is that I can move around the single steps with the mouse, which really  can´t be the overall solution; But as I am really confident with all the new Midi-options I will try to document the bugs and hope for an even better tomorrow with my NI Maschine 😉 Stay tuned!

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