New Album: Redshape – The Dance Paradox

Released 4 weeks ago on Delsin Records, this album is a blast – deep, hard and sometimes sad, rhythmic and melodic, with tracks to be played at primetime, while as well they work great just listening to them at home. Redshape is best known for his stunning live performance, his unique sound can be described […]

Roland Trigger out for the MB-808

As an add-on to my MB-808 I have built this small circuit to trigger the internal sequencer of a SH-101 as well as the the arpeggiator of a Juno-60. The original trigger signal of the Roland TR-808/606 and some other Roland instruments has a square waveform with a duration of 1ms, and a minimum of […]

Finally complete: MB-808 the Bassqueen!

Yes, thats right: 10 months after starting to build this baby, she´s finally ready and sounds great! The MB-808 is a clone of the famous Roland TR-808 with a Midibox step sequencer; The bassdrum has this loooong boom, the snare comes snappy and sharp, the toms go pretty deep while the congas almost self oscillate, […]