Building the Studio, Pt. 2: Bass Traps

The first step after putting carpet into my new room was building the essential acoustic treatments, the bass traps. I decided to do 2 big bass traps for the front corners, both about 2,10m high, 65 cm wide and 30 cm deep, filled with rockwool, that I wanted to wrap in thin foil, and cover the whole thing with fabric; also I wanted to build 3 small broadband absorbers, that I can stack on top of each other and put then near the sidewall of the listening position, about 20cm away from the wall. these absorbers are also filled with rockwool, 20cm deep, and covered with black fabric.

After having build these elements, I wanted to check the acoustics in my room first before building further elements. I know that these wont be enough for the size of the room, but rather than killing all dynamics in one step I decided to plan the next steps afterwards. So take a look at the first elements, and, again, sorry for the poor picture quality… I will take some better shots soon;

NI Maschine still buggy, major issues with Snow Leopard

I am really sorry to say this, as I really like Maschine as a new innovative concept, but this piece of software still seems completely unfinished to me and not usable as promoted by NI at the moment.

Not only the fact that key features are still missing in the software, and a big commmunity is sadly waiting for the elementary update, the compatibility with OS X 10.6 aka Snow Leopard which NI announced some days ago in their forum simply isn´t given at all. Continue reading “NI Maschine still buggy, major issues with Snow Leopard”