Building my new Studio, Pt. 1

After searching for the right location for quite a while I finally found a decent room in the heart of Zurich to build my new studio; I plan to have a one room concept for recording and production, with possibilities to built a vocal booth, some space to hang out and play around with my instruments, and some room for storage;

The room is about 43 m2 big and has a good shape: it´s 10 x 4,2 meters, and the walls are not completely parallel, which should be good for the sound. the roof is about 2,40 m, towards the back it goes down to 2,20 m.

I will try to post the building process here in detail, with pictures, to give you a clue how it looks like and maybe get some tips from more experienced people, especially concerning the acoustic panels & treatment.

So here´s the empty room before I put the carpet in today (sorry for the bad picture, taken with my mobile); next steps are all the tables and racks, followed by the instruments, the mixer and the monitor system. I would be happy to recieve some input about how to treat the walls and corners; the roof is already covered with 5cm rockwool, which shouldn´t hurt;