World Cup 2010: howto turn off the vuvuzela on your TV

Hey folks, all the funny solutions that have already been posted sound ok to me, but most people don´t have any equalization possibilities on their TVs, as well as most of you probably don´t have any professional EQing gear to hook up with your TV. So here´s a qood workaround that should do the trick: […]

Send Control Voltage with Ableton Live

WOW, just found this. seems like a pretty decent solution, at least if you have a MOTU interface (I do have one 🙂 thanks dan for this one!!!! using ableton live to send CV signals. from dan kirkhus on Vimeo.

JL Cooper CS-32 Minidesk and Mackie Control: a small howto

Hier mein erstes echtes “howto”, das ich gestern im Ableton-Forum gepostet hatte… werde versuchen noch weitere howtos zum Thema Midi, Mackie Control und Ableton Live sowie einen Reparatur-Bericht meines neuen Korg Polysix zu verfassen, sollte ich mal etwas Zeit haben… so here we go… —posting— I fiddled around 3 nights with this combo, so i […]