Step back in history: the Telefunken M15A

Yesterday another dream of mine became true when I picked up this wonderful piece of german engineering history. The Telefunken M15A is one of the most popular reel-2-reel tape recorders that was built in the mid 70s for the german radio broadcasting stations. Still used today by many recording engineers and well known for it´s great sound and reliability, I will use this beauty for my recording purposes and hopefully will capture a little bit of the spirit of the last 30 years of recording technology in my tunes.

As there is already quite some information on the web about these recording “tanks”, I don´t think I need to put down all of the technical informations and specifications. Nevertheless if you need some hints or tips don´t hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to share my experiences.

Here are some more pictures of my new Telefunken M15 A: