DIY-Project: The G-SSL Stereo Mix Compressor, part 2

It´s been quite a while since I posted the first part of the howto on the GSSL Compressor. That is, because I took a break after having it almost finished, then finished it, used it quite a few times, modified some stuff again, but didn´t have the time to write down the second part of […]

Dual 1176 Limiting Amplifier finished

Just a brief comment about this as I am still in the testing and debugging phase, but by today I finally completed this one, and, it sounds just great!!! There are still some open questions I have in mind for which I would like to have answers for, but at least it´s working and compressing […]

DIY-Project: The G-SSL Stereo Mix Compressor, part 1

Hi Folks, I just finished this great Compressor the other night, and as I am quite happy with the result (there are still some tweaks to do, and the Turbo-Board is still missing) here are some pictures of the new born star! And as requested I will give some instructions on the DIY-stuff I am […]