My new Studio (II)

Well, after some breaks and waiting periods I continued on improving my new studio setup: the Mackie desk moved into the middle, the new monitor speakers (Yamaha HS80M) found their place, the rack is getting filled up more and more (the Ensoniq DP/4 Multieffect unit and a new ADAT Interface) and, the most important thing, […]

My new studio (part I)

Some weeks ago I got myself a new toy, well, actually a quite old toy, but still great and something I always wanted to have: An analog mixing desk, and after some search and evaluation I decided to get a Mackie 8-Bus 24 Channel desk… Ok, many people might now say “Uh, Mackie,…” but for […]

JL Cooper CS-32 Minidesk and Mackie Control: a small howto

Hier mein erstes echtes “howto”, das ich gestern im Ableton-Forum gepostet hatte… werde versuchen noch weitere howtos zum Thema Midi, Mackie Control und Ableton Live sowie einen Reparatur-Bericht meines neuen Korg Polysix zu verfassen, sollte ich mal etwas Zeit haben… so here we go… —posting— I fiddled around 3 nights with this combo, so i […]