DIY: Midibox Sequencer V4

Just a small update on my recent DIY activities: the Midibox Sequencer V4 is almost finished. the frontpanel was done by julian, a really talented guy from england (thanks a lot for this great work!), the frontpanle PCB is the Wilba version, that has a real great interaction concept, and all the parts are from smashtv, and the whole Seq V4 concept can be found here: Seq V4, here Wilbas frontpanel and here:
It contains 3 Midi out, USB out, 8 CV/Gate out, 2 GB of SD Card memory besides all the great features of the Seq V4! A real fun toy to play with, so I will hopefully finish the desktop case soon so I can use it in my studio. Stay tuned for more detailed pictures!

DIY Kits: MIDI Fighter

Midi Fighter

This is a really great toy, definitely worth building this one, as it turns your DAW / Traktor / Digital DJing solution into an arcade-style, pinnball wizard feeling-lookalike jukebox! check out this small tutorial about the assembly, and you´ll most likely want to own one! I will order this as soon as all my other projects reach an end… here you´ll find more information about the kit (the arcade buttons have to be ordered separately)

Assembly video guide:

And how to use this little box with Traktor Pro:

DJ TechTools Website
found on

Polysix Midi Retrofit Board installation

I did this one some weeks ago, and also documented it all, but did not have the time yet to post it all… so i might take the time this week…

UPDATE: Here are two shots I made during the installation. The main problem was the drilling of the hole to the outsinde, it took me almost 1 hour to do this, and as a result I damaged the drill completely! see the pics.

The Install itself is really easy, just solder 6 cables to the apropriate points, and mount the Midi jack. thats it! If anybody is interested in a complete report on this, i have pics for every step and some more explanations on it…