DIY Kits: MIDI Fighter

Midi Fighter

This is a really great toy, definitely worth building this one, as it turns your DAW / Traktor / Digital DJing solution into an arcade-style, pinnball wizard feeling-lookalike jukebox! check out this small tutorial about the assembly, and you´ll most likely want to own one! I will order this as soon as all my other projects reach an end… here you´ll find more information about the kit (the arcade buttons have to be ordered separately)

Assembly video guide:

And how to use this little box with Traktor Pro:

DJ TechTools Website
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TC electronics Level Pilot

TC electronics has introduced a new toy: the Level Pilot. Look here: link

looks pretty neat,  reminds me a bit of the Griffin thing  (iMate or sth.), but i guess it sounds way better due to the fact that it´s completely analog… WANT2HAVE1 🙂

3-2-1… Roland SH-101

I always wanted to have the SH-101, and finally I found one for a reasonable price on… and now I am waiting since some days for the parcel to arrive at my mothers house… i´ll post some more infos & photos about it once i have it at home (hopefully soooon:-)

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