Rockit 8 Bit Synth Kit

I just stumbled upon this cute little monster, the 8 Bit Rockit Synth… and, as I know how much work it is to just solder an existing kit or project, I pledge deep respect for someone who is willing to invent a new synth without having a company or sth. similar behind him. Matt Heinze just did this, and it actually sounds like fun!! There might still be some additional work to do, but I do really like the idea of starting his own company with this project just from scratch.

so check out the Rockit 8 Bit synth, there might be more to come soon…?!

More info about his project can be found here:

Find of the week

I found this yesterday at a friends house, and he gave it to me, cause he had no need for it; Looks like a 40 year old DIY-Synth, he described it as a “Moog-clone”, but with only some basic features to tweek the sound; It still works ok, some keys don´t but the circuits seem to be fine; The sound is similar to an Electric Organ with some optional Delay/Chorus, I think I have heard some similar sounds from a Minimoog as well; But this one is very limited…

There are some nice ITT-ICs inside, and it seems to be built quite ok; So if someone knows more about this guy, drop me a line; I am also willing to give this away if anybody is interested in this Oldschool-DIY-Buddy, so get back to me if you want this one!